AAC Wafer-Level Glass+Plastic Lens in Xiaomi Redmi K40 GE Phone

PRNewswire: Xiaomi’s Redmi K40 Gaming Edition is the first mobile phone to incorporate a Wafer Level Glass (WLG) hybrid camera lens. The hybrid camera lens solution includes 1 glass + 5 plastic lens elements provided by AAC Optics, a subsidiary of AAC Technologies. AAC Optics made their initial investment into WLG 10 years ago (in Danish startup Kaleido) and has developed expertise to enable volume production of Wafer Level Glass (WLG) technology into the Smartphone, Automotive, and IoT markets.

The WLG lens is said to have a larger aperture, a 15% increase in light reaching the sensor, and 5% resolution…

The pace of recovery for the smartphone market accelerated in 1Q21 with 25.5% YoY shipment growth. According to IDC, smartphone vendors shipped nearly 346M smartphones during 1Q21. Samsung regained the top spot in 1Q21 with impressive shipments of 75.3M and 21.8% share. The new S21 series did well for Samsung, mainly thanks to a successful pricing strategy shaving off USD200 from the flagship launch in 2020. (CN Beta, IDC)

In 1Q21, worldwide smartphone shipments reached 347M units, up 27% YoY. Samsung took first place, shipping 76.5M to take a 22% share. Apple shipped 52.4M iPhones, to take a 15% share…

Trendforce reports that despite the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on the smartphone market in 2020, total mobile camera module shipment still underwent a 3% growth YoY due to the increasing number of camera modules featured per handset as a result of smartphone brands’ competition over camera hardware. Given that the upward trajectory of smartphone camera module shipment will likely persist this year, TrendForce therefore forecasts an annual shipment volume of 5.07 billion units for 2021, an 11% growth YoY.

In addition to increasing the number of camera modules per handset, smartphone brands have also been raising the specifications of their smartphone…

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