Under the dual impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and economic downward pressure, the AR/VR industry will still achieve many breakthroughs in hardware, software, and applications in 2020. The emergence of the “stay-home economy” in the context of the epidemic also makes AR/VR have a more realistic and urgent entry point on both the B-side and the C-side. IDC has released the top 10 predictions of the AR/VR market in 2021. (IDC, Laoyaoba)

VR/AR is one of the most suitable footholds for 5G. VR involves the “5 horizontal” technical architecture: It refers to near-eye display, perceptual interaction, network transmission, rendering processing and content production. A high-quality VR experience (primary, partial, deep, and full immersion) is extremely beneficial to the network environment requirements: 1) network bandwidth requirements for real-time transmission of ultra-clear images; 2) low-latency processing. (TF Securities report)

Tech Leader/PM who focuses on 3D (Imaging/Photonics/Sensing, LiDAR/ToF) and 3A (AV/Auto, AR/VR, AIoT/5G)…. linkedin.com/in/ymarc; http://4da.tech/

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