AAC Wafer-Level Glass+Plastic Lens in Xiaomi Redmi K40 GE Phone

PRNewswire: Xiaomi’s Redmi K40 Gaming Edition is the first mobile phone to incorporate a Wafer Level Glass (WLG) hybrid camera lens. The hybrid camera lens solution includes 1 glass + 5 plastic lens elements provided by AAC Optics, a subsidiary of AAC Technologies. AAC Optics made their initial investment into WLG 10 years ago (in Danish startup Kaleido) and has developed expertise to enable volume production of Wafer Level Glass (WLG) technology into the Smartphone, Automotive, and IoT markets.

Xiaomi Phone Features Liquid Lens from Nextlens

IMVE reports that “Xiaomi Mix uses a liquid lens from Swiss firm Nextlens, sister company to Optotune, which makes liquid lenses for industrial use. Nextlens said the camera system has focusing speeds measured in thousands of a second, and close focusing up to 3cm.

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